Allyson Bird

Writer of the Weird


Down to a sunless sea appears in The Leaves of a Necronomicon [2018]. Edited by Joe S. Pulver Sr. A tribute anthology to Lovecraft. Coming out from Chaosium, December.


Deathside in Fright into Flight [2018]. Edited by Amber Fallon.  Published by Ross E. Lockhart of Worde Horde. Reprinted with kind permission from Journalstone.

From the earliest depictions of winged goddesses to the delicate, paper winged fairies of the Victorians, from valiant Valkyries to cliff-dwelling harpies, from record-setting pilots to fearless astronauts, women have long since claimed their place in the skies, among the clouds and beyond.

Cover Art by Peter Nicolai Arbo
Cover Design by Scott R Jones

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Les Fleurs du Mal is in Cassilda's Song [2015]. Edited by Joe S. Pulver Sr.

Cassilda’s Song is a collection of weird fiction and horror stories based on the King in Yellow Mythos created by Robert W. Chambers—entirely authored by women.

Cover art by Steve Santiago.

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The Golden Stars at Night appears in Children of Old Leech [2014].  Edited by Ross E. Lockhart and Justin Steele. Published by Word Horde.

Hardcover Cover Art and Design by Matthew Revert
Trade Paperback Cover Art by Dalton Rose
Trade Paperback Cover Design by Scott R. Jones.

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Gailestis is in The Grimscribe’s Puppets [2013], edited by Joe S. Pulver,Sr.  Published by Miskatonic River Press) which won The Shirley Jackson award for best anthology [2013]. This is a tribute anthology to Thomas Ligotti. Cover art Daniele Serra.

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Bull Running for Girls [2009/2013], reprinted by Journalstone for the international market.

The [2009] British Fantasy Award Winner for Best Collection.

"The twenty-one stories collected in Bull Running for Girls are widely varied, both in setting and subject. From small town life in Madison County to the dangers of bull running in Pamplona, the stories seem, at first blush, unrelated. They are bound, however, by Allyson Bird’s strength. She is a remarkable woman, the stories collected here as personal as they are unsettling. The atmosphere, the tone and mood invoked by the author aside – it is the humanity at the heart of each tale that is so disquieting." [Journalstone]

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The Beat Hotel in A Season in Carcosa [2012], edited by Joe.S.Pulver, Sr.  Published by Miskatonic River Press.  In A Season In Carcosa readers will find the strange and mysterious places of heart and mind that spring from madness, and those minds and the places touched by it are the realms that are mined. Chambers' legacy of the worms and soft decay that spring from reading the King In Yellow play stir both new and established talents in the world of weird fiction and horror to contribute all new tales that pay homage to these eerie nightmares. In Carcosa twilight comes and minds lost in the mirrors of lust and fear, are awash in legacies of shadows, not mercy. . .

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Isis Unbound.  [2011], by Dark Regions Press.

Winner of the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a First Novel [2012].

In an alternate Earth where gods are real, Isis ensures the Egyptian empire rules supreme, until her asassination by her sister, leaving mortals unable to cross to the underworld after death.  Apprentice embalmers Ella and Loli must  unravel the mystery.

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The Black Swan of Odessa in The Master in Café Morphine. Edited by Dan T. Ghetu. Published by Ex Occidente Press. [2011].  A tribute anthology to Mikail Bulgakov.  The cover painting is the work of C.C.Askew of the Eternal Sekret City.

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Wine and Rank Poison. Dark Regions Press. [2010].

Revenge. Best served cold. Here are ten stories involving most of the deadly sins: greed, lust, envy, wrath, and pride. Strange stories woven in time and place from Ancient Greece to 1929 Odessa, Italy to the modern United States…stories that mix reality, mythology, legend, half-humans and the inhuman.

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Never Again. An anthology published by Gray Friar Press [2010], Co-edited by Allyson Bird and Joel Lane.

Never Again is an attempt to voice the collective revulsion of writers in the weird fiction genre against political attitudes that stifle compassion and deny our collective human inheritance. The imagination is crucial to an understanding both of human diversity and of common ground. Weird fiction is often stigmatised as a reactionary and ignorant genre – we know better.

Cover by Daniele Serra.